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An aviation accident is perhaps one of the most dangerous and traumatic events a person could ever experience. Regardless of size, even the most “minor” accident could result in devastating injury and death.

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Causes for Aviation Accidents

Aviation Company Negligence

A leading cause of aviation accidents is violations of the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules and standards. The FAA is a federal agency responsible for regulating the aviation industry. They write the laws and guidelines governing the safety of the industry. When people neglect to follow these guidelines injuries occur, and innocent parties get hurt.

For instance, failing to maintain adequate records, to ignore in-flight regulations, neglecting to keep the aircraft properly, and operating a plane with an expired license are all dangerous violations of the FAA’s rules that can cause an accident. When companies and their employees neglect to follow these safety regulations, they put you at risk and violate your rights as a passenger.

Failure of Aircraft Equipment

Aircraft equipment can fail for several reasons. One primary cause is a failure to maintain the aircraft properly. Failing to keep the plane adequately maintained, either because of employee incompetence or lack of sufficient training, can lead to equipment failure and a possible collision.

Manufacturers could also be held liable for the failure of aircraft equipment if an error during production caused the material to be unreasonably dangerous to be used as intended. For instance, if a manufacturer sells a defective design that malfunctions during flight, they could be responsible for any damages resulting from an accident.

Pilot Error

Another possible cause of a plane crash is pilot error. Negligent flight service employees or air traffic controllers that fail to execute their duties effectively or choosing to fly during dangerous weather patterns are severe infractions that put lives at stake.

Establishing Liability

It is a possibility that multiple people or entities are responsible for the injuries you sustained because of an aviation accident. Historically, pilots were ruled liable for their respective crashes for the majority of accidents that took place.  However, the court could assign a portion of the blame on other parties involved such as the owner of the aircraft and companies responsible for performing maintenance/repairs.

After the accident, the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the cause of the plane crash and report their findings. However, at the Law Firm of Ralph B. Wegis, our legal staff is thoroughly capable of conducting an independent investigation. We will analyze the official reports to find and place fault. From there, we can help you recover financial compensation for your wounds or trauma.

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