Case Results

Johnson v. State of California

Wrongful Discrimination: 81, Dr. Robert Johnson’s supervisors at the Lancaster state prison complained to the state medical board that he suffered from memory loss that impaired his work as a surgeon and suggested he retire.

Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC288518

Verdict $20 million

Johnson v. State of California

In Wegis v. J. G. Boswell Company the California Fifth District Court of Appeal upheld an award of $11,100,000 to three family farmers who had been SLAPPed by a large corporate farmer for their publication of newspaper ads attacking the corporate farmer for its opposition to a water project ballot measure. (June 14, 1991, No. F011230, unpublished opinion.)

Verdict: $11.1 million

Vanessen v. Tradewinds

Products liability: Defective Tradewinds Swap Cooler ignited causing the house to burn down with the child still inside.

Tulare County Superior Court Case No. 93-161828

Verdict $8 million

Starrh & Starrh Cotton Growers v. Aera Energy LLC.

Trespass Claim: Oil Polluted Wastewaster trespass onto farming property Kern County Superior Court No. 245287 MGB Published Appeal Opinion Punitive Damage Case to be determined in January 2013

Verdict: $8.5 million

M.W. a minor v. Panama Union School

Personal Injury: Male student assaulted by another student on the school campus. School failure to supervise students. Kern County Superior Court Case No. 235872 RJA

Verdict $2.5 million

Bellamy Brothers v. Mike Curb Records

Royalty Dispute

Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. BC226576


Sneed v. Spectrum Oil Company

Breach of Contract & Fraud

Kern County Superior Court Case No. 242931 JES

Verdict $2 million

Jostens Inc. v. Bardin, Perkowski, Crawford, Moses

Defended against Unfair Competition

United States District Court Case #

97 CV 1444k (CGA)

97 CV 1238K (CGA)

97 CV 2111K (CGA)


Chandler v. Mercy Southwest Hospital

Negligent and Carelessness causing personal injury to plaintiff who was a patient in Mercy Hospital.

Kern County Superior Court Case No. 243034 SPC


Credit Research v. Experian Information Solutions

Breach of Contract; Interference with Contract; Interference with Prospective Economic Advantage; Unfair Competition Against; Violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Superior Court County of Monterey M 47960


Smith v. Yamaha

Products Liability

Settlement over $2 million

Calcot Class Action

Settlement over $3million