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Civil Rights in The United States of America

In America, citizens have a set of guaranteed rights to political and social freedom and equality. These benefits are known as your civil rights and are spelled out by state and federal constitutions and laws. They protect you against discrimination based on a protected class like sex, race, national origin, age, and religion.

When someone violates your fundamental rights, you may be able to correct the situation with the help of a civil rights attorney. If you believe your civil rights have been violated, a lawyer could help you stop the violations and recover compensation for any damages that you sustained as a result of the discrimination.

For quality legal help, contact the Law Firm of Ralph B. Wegis. With decades of experience, attorney Ralph Wegis handles a range of civil rights issues including police brutality, unlawful searches and arrests, whistleblower claims, employment discrimination, housing claims, and more. Call our office today to schedule a free consultation.

When Do I Need a Civil Rights Attorney?

If you have faced discrimination based on a prejudice or stereotype, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your injuries through a civil lawsuit. Some common areas of civil rights issues include employment discrimination and police misconduct.

Discrimination in The Workplace

Employment discrimination is when a person receives unequal treatment at work based on a superficial trait unrelated to their job performance. Workplace discrimination may come in many forms, but it’s typically when a member of a protected class is treated differently than other employees. For instance, if a female employee is frequently passed up for a promotion even though she is the most qualified candidate, she may want to consider filing a claim for discrimination. Similarly, the use of racial slurs targeted towards a person of color could also warrant the assistance of a civil rights attorney.

Whistleblower Claims

Many employees face retaliation from their employers after reporting fraud or misconduct in the workplace. If you are seeking to file a whistleblower claim against your employer, the Law Firm of Ralph B. Wegis can help. Ralph Wegi can help you protect your rights as your case moves through the legal process.

Police Misconduct

Individuals victimized at the hands of law enforcement might also be able to recover compensation for their damages through a civil lawsuit. 

Common types of police misconduct include excessive force, police shootings, unlawful searches and seizures, illegal arrests, malicious prosecution, and wrongful convictions.

If your rights were violated as a result of police brutality in California or anywhere in the United States, it’s essential that you hire a civil rights attorney. For a free consultation with an experienced lawyer, contact the Law Firm of Ralph B. Wegis today.

The Law Firm of Ralph B. Wegis Handles Civil Rights Cases Throughout the United States

Being discriminated against because of your membership in a protected class can be a devastating and confusing experience. The unwarranted mistreatment can cause emotional distress and place a significant strain on your day to day life. If you believe your civil rights have been violated, the Law Firm of Ralph B. Wegis can help you achieve the justice you deserve. Whether you are still considering your options or are ready to take action, our help is only a call away. Contact our office today to schedule a free consultation.

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